Our Projects

In keeping with the ARA’s primary goal to protect and enhance the ecological integrity of the aquatic habitats in Antigonish County in order to sustain a healthy fishery the association has since its inception made use of the funds available from the ASF Adopt-A-Stream Fund and the Nova Scotia Sportfish Habitat Fund as well as our own funds and volunteers to contribute to a number of river restoration and protection programs.

Stream Restoration

For a number of years, the Antigonish Town and County Anglers Association has participated in the NSLC/Adopt-A-Stream program run by the Nova Scotia Salmon association, restoring habitat in local streams which has become degraded over time. These projects are sometimes run in coordination with Habitat Unlimited (HU), which is a local organization dedicated to habitat restoration, and which has proven to be effective throughout the county. To date the ARA has contributed to work done on a number of tributaries of the south River improving access to potential spawning areas and stabilizing stream banks. We have also assisted in work on James River, West River and the Rights River.

Educational Programs

Local Aquarium exhibit: The ATCAA is working in conjunction with HU and other groups to install and run a working aquarium, which houses local freshwater fish species. This will be located at the new public library on Main Street and will include information on local species and areas of concern. To accompany this exhibit, angler education programs such as Learn-to-fish (kids), fly-tying seminars and casting courses are planned as future activities to engage kids and adults and to get anglers on the water.

Legacy Fund

More information coming soon