Work experience for students is essential for future employment and is a very important component for deciding what field of work they want to pursue. The Antigonish Rivers Association provides 2 internships each year for students who need the work experience to complete their curriculum. Work experience is essential in the job industry and we can provide hands on experience for any intern looking to add to their resume.

ARA’s internships can include, but are not limited to:

  • Introduction to the 4 Main Watersheds under ARA’s Mandate
  • Literature Review of Aquatic Habitat Restoration in Nova Scotia & Antigonish
  • GIS Mapping – Watershed Delineation
  • Temperature Probes Deployment
  • Riparian Zone Planting (clippings & saplings potted/cared for/transported/planted)
  • Restoration Planning
  • Restoration Site Reconnaissance

2021 Intern Introduction

Bruce Wheadon

I am a graduating student from the Environmental Engineering Technology at NSCC Ivany Campus. As a kid growing up on Melmerby Beach, I noticed the banks eroding more and more every year and became curious of erosional implications on a larger scale and how they effected our environment.  I watched the streams I walked change course and dry up. This led me to wonder how this effected the ecosystems within the streams, and how to maintain their health.  The ARA is implementing amazing projects to uphold stream integrity and ensure their aquatic species are thriving. I look forward to learning from the passionate minds behind the association over the duration of my internship.

Kaegan Miller

Kaegan has completed his first year of Natural Resources Environmental Technology at NSCC and will be heading into his second and final year September 2021. He has just finished his internship with ARA and has been a great help in getting trees ready to plant, planting in riparian zones, river site assessments, and deploying temperature probes around the watersheds. Thanks Kaegan for your hard work and good luck in your final year of studies!