Association Membership

Why join?

We encourage everyone to join the Antigonish Rivers Association (ARA). Your fees will help to support the valuable work of the association. In addition, membership provides you with access to the “members only” area of our web site.

With membership, you will be able to access:

(1) a discussion forum where anglers can share valuable tips and information on angling in local waters;


(2) a high quality angler’s journal to allow you to create a record of your fishing. Membership also provides you with an opportunity to participate our annual general meeting.

In addition, for those interested, we have opportunities to become more involved in the organization as a director or volunteer. In the past, members of the organization have been involved with organizing the winter fishing derby on Gillis Lake, organizing fly tying evenings, and participating in stream enhancement work.


Annual fees are $20 for an adult membership and $5 for a youth membership. A youth is any person 15 years old or younger.

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The ARA is a non-profit organization but does not have charitable status. Anyone interested in donating money to the organization that wishes to receive a tax receipt can make a donation on the NSSA web site. Please indicate that you would like the money to be used for work by the ARA.