We have a lot of talented people in our area to help you explore the rivers and to improve your technique!

Full Disclaimer: The list below does not necessarily represent all the guides in our area, it is subject to change without notice and we cannot be held accountable for experiences, prices or promises incurred in retaining their services. The guides are listed in no particular order.


Robert Chiasson | www.dryflysalmon.com

Andrew Lowles | andrew.lowles@gmail.com

Matthew Dort | matthew.dort@outlook.com

Gerry Doucet | salmondoucet@gmail.com

Landon McGibbon | https://www.baityourhook.com/salty-fly-guide-service-operator-595

Lila Gale | lilagale1980@gmail.com

Wayne Grant (P.E.I.) | eskapeanglers2021@eastlink.ca

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“Our success is the result of our membership and the community that supports them.”

“Our success is the result of our membership and the community that supports them.”

The history of our organization is the story of a small group of concerned citizens working for a better tomorrow.

We Accept Donations.

The ARA is a non-profit organization but does not have charitable status. Anyone interested in donating money to the organization that wishes to receive a tax receipt can make a donation on the NSSA web site. Please indicate that you would like the money to be used for work by the ARA.

Fishing Regulation and Season Information.

One of the key roles of our organization is education. To help your quickly connect with the most essential information we have prepared a page with all the most critical links on regulations and seasons.