Sustaining healthy fisheries one person and one project at a time.

In the Fall of 2006 a number of local anglers met to discuss their common concerns about the need for an organization to protect and enhance the ecological integrity of the aquatic habitats in Antigonish county in order to sustain a healthy fishery. Out of these discussions came the Antigonish Town and County Anglers Association which drafted a constitution in March 2007.

The organization was incorporated that year. The association is committed to promoting angling to all members of the community, developing a sustainable fisheries management program, supporting the education of anglers and encouraging young people to become involved in the sport.

The ATCAA changed its name to the Antigonish Rivers Association at the 2010 General Meeting. The association holds monthly Directors meetings from November to May. The Annual General Meeting is held the first week of March. Meetings are open and new members are always welcome.

We Accept Donations.

The ARA is a non-profit organization but does not have charitable status. Anyone interested in donating money to the organization that wishes to receive a tax receipt can make a donation on the NSSA web site. Please indicate that you would like the money to be used for work by the ARA.

Fishing Regulation and Season Information.

One of the key roles of our organization is education. To help your quickly connect with the most essential information we have prepared a page with all the most critical links on regulations and seasons.