Member Benefits


Four types of memberships:


A) Free

B) Each member is recognized (e.g. email from president)

C) Each member receives regular newsletters, notifications of special events, learning opportunities and volunteer opportunities

Deep Water:

A) Fee to be set by board. Currently membership fee for 2023 will be $20

B) Benefits:

  • All of the basic benefits
  • Free fly tying with local knowledge of flies for the Antigonish area rivers
  • Priority notification of special events, learning opportunities and volunteer opportunities
  • A cap or other accoutrement (neck wrap, scarf, toque, masks, etc.) as available, free of extra charge to these members upon request

Life MembersĀ 

A) Fee to be set by board. Currently set at $300

B) Benefits:

  • Includes all Deep Water membership benefits
  • Every Life Member will be recognized annually in the year end newsletter with great thanks
  • Every Life Member will receive a hat initially and such other accoutrements over time and the board deems appropriate upon request

Honorary Life Members

A) Only upon recommendation

  • Requires written application from an existing member
  • Said application will be kept confidential until presented and discussed by the board
  • Requires a 2/3 majority of board members in order to be accepted

B) All benefits of Life Members will apply

C) This should be a significant publicity event and will require new release, photo ops, social media posts, etc.

D) Each Honorary Member will receive a framed certification and such other awards, benefits or accoutrements at the board’s discretion

The board may, from time to time, change the benefits as necessary and benefits are not limited by the above.

  • Join enhancement and restoration projects

  • Fly tying opportunities

  • Equipment swaps

  • Priority access to events

  • Priority access to events

  • Seasonal & annual newsletters

  • New members receive a hat

  • Access our private Facebook Group

  • Opportunity to engage with local experts

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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